Redefining retail

through mobile, cloud and omnichannel commerce solutions

On Demand

Real-time data anytime, anywhere.
Streamline across departments and channels.

Globally Scalable

Out-of-the-box multi- site, language
and currency options.

Seamless Connect

Easily sync with existing retail systems.
Bring new capabilities with little cost and time.

Extensible and Adaptable

Future-proof solution with fastest time
to deploy, update, and innovate.

The new retail landscape demands a new approach to technology.
Fiverun leads the change with a single, cloud-based retail platform.

Mobile commerce for the omnichannel customer

Drive sales and enhance the in-store shopping experience with mobile point of commerce. Check inventory, make product recommendations, offer omnichannel checkout and more in an easy-to-use mobile solution.

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Real-time retail management to drive your business

Our cloud-based mobile and web retail platform offers data on demand, anytime, anywhere. Quickly access sales, merchandise, inventory, customer information, promotions and more.

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An open platform that plays well with your existing systems

Our API-based plug-ins sync with multiple commerce systems, so no need to rip out or replace your existing infrastructure to increase your capabilities (unless you want to). Be mobile, omnichannel and customer-centric, with little cost and time to market.

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